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Glossary - Letters X / Y / Z

X - Chromosome X. Chromosome that in mammals determines the formation of female sexual characteristics. For the formation of females you need pair XX. (see Y). Xanthophyll - Yellow pigment that occurs in plants, a member of the carotenoid group. Xerophytmia - A process of dryness and ulceration of the transparent cornea of ​​the eye, usually caused by a lack of vitamin A, which can lead to partial or total blindness.
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Infectious diarrhea

If the person often goes to the bathroom and the stools come out liquid or very soft, they may have diarrhea. Diarrhea can be caused by microbes acquired from contaminated food or water. Mild diarrhea almost always ends on its own. However, you need to drink fluids to avoid dehydration, which is very dangerous.
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