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Hantavirus is a disease caused by hantavirus found in wild rats. These rats live in rural areas where cases of the disease have been recorded.


There are three: fever above 38 degrees, muscle aches and difficulty breathing, as long as the patient has been in the countryside for the past 60 days.


Hantavirus is transmitted by wild rats. No other animals, even city mice, such as mice and rats, transmit this virus. A person may become contaminated when they breathe dust with debris, urine or saliva from contaminated mice. Transmission occurs when the person goes indoors where there are contaminated mice.
The disease cannot be transmitted by another person. Sneezing, coughing, shaking hands, or any other physical contact do not pose a risk of contagion. Rural residents, farmers, hunters, fishermen, people who hike, camp or go to the woods are most at risk of contracting the disease.

Despite the risk of death, hantavirus is curable. But it is important that you seek a health facility as soon as you experience the first symptoms of the disease.


There is no vaccine against the disease. The only way to prevent the disease is to strictly follow the following steps: do not leave the house closed for long: do not plant anything less than 30 meters away from the house; keep the weeds around the house always cut; Do not leave wood, rubbish or accumulated leaves near the house; do not eat fallen or near ground fruits; cover all cracks and holes through which the mouse can pass; Do not leave leftover food or food within the reach of the mice. prevent the garbage from being scattered; store grain or any food at least 40 cm above the ground and never touch the mouse.

Before entering a room that has been closed for a long time, open the doors and let it air for half an hour. Then open all windows and wait another half hour before entering to do the cleaning. Then prepare a mixture of 1 cup bleach with 9 cups water. Using a squeegee, soak a cloth in this mixture and wipe the floor, being careful not to raise dust. Never use a broom. Keep windows doors open until everything is clean and dry.