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The universe

The universe

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What is universe?

On moonless nights, in places dimly lit by houses, streets and buildings, we can see a multitude of small bright spots in the sky: they are the stars.

Looking at the sky with our naked eyes, we can see a tiny part of what we call the Universe. Already observing the sky with the aid of a telescope, it is possible to see that the number of celestial bodies is much larger and you can also see details of the shapes and color of the stars.

The Earth's atmosphere, however, limits the operation of terrestrial telescopes, so space telescopes such as the Hubble telescope are used for the most sophisticated astronomical research. In addition to these instruments for the study of the universe, scientists have computer equipment for calculations, data processing and images received from telescopes, simulations, etc.

These resources made it possible to answer the question - what makes up the universe?

The universe is made up of galaxy clusters with nebulae, stars, comets, planets and their satellites, and everything in them - in the case of planet earth, for example plants, animals, rocks, water, air, etc. Compare the two photos.

Sky observation with the help of a telescope

Observation of the sky with the naked eye

But where did the universe come from? And the stars? And the earth?