Flies remind the caloric content of food, according to study

They were able to recognize higher calorie foods. Knowledge can help to understand obesity tendency.

Flies have the ability to remember the calorie content of food and develop their diet according to this parameter, according to a study published April 7, 2015 by the journal Nature Communications.

Research identifies multiple genes and brain regions in flies Drosophila, known as the fruit fly, which would be related to learning and retaining metabolic information, which would help these insects decide which foods to eat.

The study, led by Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, Dongsheng Cai, indicates that flies lose preference for foods with normal caloric content when exposed in an experiment to a richer diet.

Fruit Fly, Species Drosophila melanogaster

After subjecting flies to a caloric diet over a prolonged period of time, the research group has shown that the metabolic memory of these insects can easily be altered by genetic changes or an excess in food consumption.

Several preliminary studies by the same team suggest that rats could have developed a type of learning and metabolic memory similar to that of flies. Drosophila.

In fact, the authors point out that the hypothalamus, a brain region located in the brain base, is related to learning and nutritional memory, which is crucial for deepening in subjects such as resistance or susceptibility to obesity.