Glass recycling

Glass is one of the most used products in everyday tasks. When discarded by people and companies, it can go through a recycling process, which ensures its reuse.

Recycled glass has virtually all the characteristics of ordinary glass. It can be recycled many times without losing its features and quality.

Glass recycling is of utmost importance to the environment. When we recycle glass or buy recycled glass, we are contributing to the environment because it no longer goes to landfills or nature (rivers, lakes, soil, forests). We must not forget that glass recycling generates income for thousands of people in Brazil, who work mainly in cooperatives of waste pickers and recyclers of glass and other recycled materials.

Selective collect

One of the most important steps in the glass recycling process is the separation and selective collection of glass. In companies, condominiums and other places there are spaces for the disposal of glass.

Separation in the recycling process

One of the first steps in the glass recycling process is its separation by color (amber, green, translucent and blue) and types (smooth, wavy, window glass, glass etc.). This separation is of utmost importance for the manufacture of new glass objects as it guarantees their characteristics and qualities.

Recyclable Glass Types

  • Bottles of juices, sodas, beers and other beverages
  • Food pots
  • Shards of glass
  • Medicine Bottles
  • Perfume bottles
  • Flat and flat glasses
  • Windshield
  • Window glass
  • Dishes, bowls and cups (provided they are not acrylic, ceramic or porcelain)