Arthropods (continued)

Arthropods (continued)

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The main representatives of this class are the arthropods that are most easily found in everyday life: ant, cockroach, mosquito, butterfly, fly, beetle, ladybug, bee, grasshopper, among many others.

The class of arthropods with the greatest variety and number of species is that of insects. With great reproductive capacity, the insects form the only class of invertebrates with winged representatives, which contributes to the successful occupation of all environments on the planet except the deepest ocean waters.

On the head are a pair of antennae and a pair of eyes, in addition to the mouthpiece. The type of oral appliance is related to the type of insect feeding and is used by scientists as one of the main classification criteria.

The very painful stings of bees are not made by the mouthpiece, but by the sting located at the end of the abdomen, attached to a poison-producing gland.